NIHR Pays a Visit to Women’s Reform and Rehabilitation Center

10 Jul 2019

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) paid an announced visit to the Women’s Reform and Rehabilitation Center. During the visit, some inmates were interviewed to understand their living conditions. This comes within the framework of the NIHR’s keenness to carry out announced and unannounced field visits to monitor the human rights situation in correctional institutions, places of detention, labor gatherings, healthcare and educational institutions and any other public places suspected of being a site where human rights violations might occur.  Such visits come under the NIHR’s competencies stated in its Incorporation Law No. (26) of 2014 modified by the Decree-Law No. (20) of 2016.

The NIHR’s delegation also reviewed the work process and procedures as well as the services provided to the Center's inmates and the activities and events offered to them.  The NIHR did not monitor any violations of human rights at the Center during the visit.

The NIHR shall continue to conduct field visits as part of its plan to visit the largest number of reform and rehabilitation centers, places of detention and healthcare and educational institutions this year.

The NIHR receives complaints and applications for legal assistance either personally or via the toll-free hotline (80001144), the NIHR’s website (, or the (NIHR Bahrain) mobile smartphone application.