NIHR Participates in the Saudi Permanent Committee on International Humanitarian Law’s Forum on the Protection of Children in Conflict Areas

09 Jun 2021

Councelor-at-law Yasser Ghanim Shaheen, Secretary-General of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Member of the National Committee for International Humanitarian Law, has participated in the Forum held by the Saudi Permanent Committee on International Humanitarian Law entitled “The Protection of Children in Armed Conflict Areas”.

The Forum was moderated by Chancellor Abdullah bin Madrak Al-Ruwaili, Secretary of the Permanent Committee, which was inaugurated by Dr. Jalal bin Muhammad Al-Owaisi, Chairman of the Permanent Committee on International Humanitarian Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who welcomed the attendees and participants.

The Forum focused on three themes.  The First theme dealt with the issue of protecting children during armed conflicts, whether in International Humanitarian Law or International Human Rights Law, which was presented by Dr. Moez Al-Hudhali, International Humanitarian Law Consultant of the International Committee of the Red Cross to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and Dr. Ghofoon bin Salem Al-Yami, Member of the Saudi Commission on Human Rights.  The second theme dealt with the international efforts for the protection of children in armed conflict areas, which was presented by Prof. Maher Farea from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).  The third theme dealt with the best practices to ensure the protection of children in areas of armed conflict, which was presented by Dr. Hanaa Omar, Director of the Community Support Department of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, and Major-General Abdullah bin Dakhil Al-Habbabi from the Child Protection Unit of the Joint Forces.

The Forum concluded by identifying a number of legal challenges related to the protection of children during armed conflict, highlighting the most fundamental international efforts to protect children in conflict areas, and identifying the international requirements and challenges to provide protection for children in conflict areas.