NIHR Council of Commissioners Convenes its 12th Regular Meeting

15 Feb 2023

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) Council of Commissioners has convened its 12th regular meeting, under the chairpersonship of Eng. Ali Ahmed Alderazi, Chairperson of the NIHR, in the presence of NIHR Vice-chairperson, heads of NIHR permanent committees and the NIHR Secretary-General.

At the beginning of the meeting, the attendees reviewed the results of the activities organised by the NIHR during the last period, especially the workshop on dealing with children’s complaints, with the participation of members of the NIHR Council of Commissioners and Secretariat-General Staff, which were presented by a number of experts in the field of justice, judicial system and corrective justice approaches for children in North Ireland.

Alderazi also gave a brief about the efforts of the small team responsible for the mechanism for implementing the alternative sanctions and measures programme and what was done in this regard.  He stated the importance of expediting the procedures for hiring those whose sanctions have been replaced by alternative ones, and working on follow-up with all relevant authorities to reach the desired results.

In a related context, Alderazi pointed out the importance of following-up on the implementation of the final recommendations of the International Conference on "Alternative Sanctions and Measures", which have been sent earlier to a number of official and relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to work on activating them and including them in national laws and legislation.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees agreed to start preparing for a conference on environment protection, within the NIHR’s action plan and strategy in protecting human rights to live in a healthy environment.