NIHR Council of Commissioners Bureau Convenes its 17th Regular Meeting

16 Jan 2024

The seventeenth regular meeting of the NIHR Council of Commissioners Bureau was convened under the leadership of Engineer Ali Ahmed Al-Darazi. Attendees included the Vice Chairman of the Institution, heads of permanent specialized committees, the Commissioner for Children's Rights, and the Secretary-General.

The session commenced by examining the Institution's efforts in providing medical care to inmates in correctional and rehabilitation centers. Field visits to various centers affiliated with the Ministry of Interior were conducted, allowing interactions with inmates. Meetings with relevant authorities were also held to ensure the quality of healthcare services for all inmates, safeguarding their right to necessary medical attention. The office scrutinized the results of these visits and meetings with officials from correctional and rehabilitation centers, as well as government hospitals, to evaluate the standard of healthcare offered to inmates.

Additionally, the Council of Commissioners Bureau delved into the outcomes of consultative meetings with several civil society organizations. Proposals were received, focusing on training programs and future collaborations to strengthen partnerships with these organizations. The objective is to foster cooperation with civil society institutions, contributing to the advancement of human rights protection and promotion in society.