NIHR’s Committee on Public Rights and Freedoms Convenes its 38th Regular Meeting

03 Jul 2024

Under the leadership of Dr. Fawzia Saeed Al Saleh, and with Dr. Bader Mohamed Adel and Mr. Daniel as members, the Committee on Public Rights and Freedoms convened its regular meeting. The committee initiated its meeting by discussing ways to enhance cooperation between government agencies and the institution to facilitate individuals' access and their ability to submit complaints. This was to be achieved by establishing complaint boxes, distributing informational brochures, and launching advertising campaigns to clarify the communication mechanisms with the institution.

The committee also addressed messages received from several official bodies concerning observations made by the institution and the subsequent actions taken. Additionally, the committee reviewed proposals for its upcoming training plans and agreed to implement an awareness program for employees of official agencies to acquaint them with the role of the National Institution for Human Rights, in line with the Paris Principles for protecting and promoting human rights, and its significance in the kingdom.

The committee examined a report detailing the members' participation in various domestic and international events as representatives of the National Institution for Human Rights over the past month. The committee chair presented a paper at an event organized by the Institute of Judicial and Legal Studies on the Kingdom of Bahrain's efforts to enhance the right to a sustainable environment. Furthermore, the members engaged in a meeting with civil institutions active in the field of human rights in the kingdom.

At the meeting's conclusion, the committee reviewed the measures taken concerning the implementation of its previous decisions and recommendations and determined the appropriate steps to continue their execution.