NIHR’s Committee on Complaints, Monitoring and Follow-up Convenes its 30th Regular Meeting

29 Jan 2024

The National institution for Human Rights (NIHR)’s Committee on Complaints, Monitoring and Follow-up has convened its 30th regular meeting at the NIHR’s Headquarters in the Seef District under the chairpersonship of Mrs. Rawdha Salman Al-Aradi and membership of Mr. Khalid Abdulaziz Al-Sha’er, NIHR’s Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Subah Al-Saloom and Ms. Dina Abdelrahman Al-Ladhi.

The meeting started with the committee reviewing the actions taken regarding its prior decisions and recommendations. This involved a detailed scrutiny of complaints received through the call center and directly to the institution. Additionally, they evaluated the legal assistance provided and monitored cases brought to attention in the media and on social platforms from November 29, 2023, to January 22, 2024. Altogether, there were 45 cases covering a range of complaints, legal aid provisions, and monitoring activities.

During the meeting, the committee met with the families of one of the inmates of the correctional and rehabilitation centers to find out about the conditions of their relatives and provide support and assistance within the framework of the institution's work.

The NIHR can be contacted through the toll-free hotline (80001144), smartphone mobile application (NIHR Bahrain), the NIHR website or by personal attendance to the NIHR headquarters in Seef district.