NIHR Organises an Introductory Lecture for Employees of Fakhro Restaurants Company

06 Jul 2023

The National institution for Human Rights (NIHR) organised an introductory lecture for Fakhro Restaurants Company on the NIHR’s role in prompting and protecting human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain, at the NIHR Training Centre in its headquarters building in Seef district.

The lecture was presented by Ms. Hala Ramzy Fayez, a member of the NIHR Council of Commissioners, during which she reviewed an overview of the NIHR’s role according to its Establishment Law and the services it provides to citizens and residents in the human rights field.

This event falls within the framework of the NIHR’s strategy and action plan and its terms of reference in the field of promoting and disseminating a culture of human rights by holding lectures and training an educational course for all segments of society on topics related to human rights.