NIHR Continues its Visit to Prisoners on Hunger Strike at the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre (Jaw)

28 Aug 2023

In light with the broad mandate granted to the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) in the field of protection and promotion of human rights, and the jurisdiction granted to it under the provisions of its Establishment Law, and as a continuation of the field visit that was carried out on 10 August 2023 in light of what was published about the conditions of a number of prisoners on hunger strike in the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre, a delegation from the NIHR conducted an undeclared field visit to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre on 27 august 2023 to follow-up on the conditions of those striking prisoners, and to find out the action that was taken regarding the observations and recommendations submitted by the NIHR to the relevant authorities based upon human rights standards and the applicable rules and obligations.

Based upon the NIHR's commitment to full transparency and responsibility in conveying the human rights situation inside places of detention to the prisoners' families and the public in general, it notes that during the undeclared visit, it met with a group of prisoners, and was reassured that there were no critical health conditions among the prisoners in general,  In addition, the extent of healthcare provision in every building was monitored, in anticipation of any emergency, in order to preserve the health and safety of all prisoners, according to the procedures followed in such cases, and it has been confirmed that services are provided to everyone in a normal and regular manner, without any discrimination.

The NIHR also affirms its keenness to consider all requests submitted by prisoners and the extent to which those requests are compatible with international human rights standards, in order to ensure that they enjoy their rights stipulated in national legislation and relevant international standards, as the NIHR will continue its field visits to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre, to ensure that all inmates have their rights in a balanced and fair manner.

The NIHR confirms that it will deal with any complaints it receives with regard to any violation of any of the basic rights of individuals, whether by visiting its headquarters in Seef district, or via the toll-free hotline (80001144), the NIHR Bahrain smartphone application or the NIHR website